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Do you watch Coronation Street, the long-running tv soap set in Weatherfield, Manchester?

If you’re a ‘Corrie’ addict you’ve come to the right place. On this website and our podcast you will find:

  • summaries of the week’s events from The Street
  • explanations of plotlines
  • top quality banter from arguing spouses

How do I listen to The Talk of the Street Podcast?

You can listen to The Talk of the Street Podcast on iTunes or Podbean or most of the places you typically find your podcasts.

Who Produces the Podcast?

Gavin and Helen are your hosts. We’re a married couple who live in Michigan, USA. Gavin’s a Scotsman and long-time Corrie viewer. Helen is an American who has embraced the Street, British culture, and language. You can read more about us and find out how to contact us by clicking on the links.

What Else Do You Do?

Read our blog for more thoughts on things we see and hear on Coronation Street. We’re such big fans that we like to write about the show, even while we’re not watching it!

Where Else Can I Hear From You?

We’re active on social media. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook by clicking the links.